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  • External Antenna for IsatPhone Pro


    • Reduce el tiempo para establecer conexión con la red (30 segundos en promedio para registrarse desde que es encendido).
    • No se pierde conexión mientras se tenga linea de vista al satélite.
    • Kit robusto, tanto la antena magnética como la cuneta proporcionan una conexión estable y segura en el vehículo. cNo se necesita una inversión adicional.

    Contenido del Kit de la Antena

    • La antena del IsatPhone Pro viene con:
    • 1.5m de cables para ISAT y GPS
    • Antena magnética
    • Cuneta para el terminal cVentosa de fijación
  • Frecuencias:

    Transmisión: 1626.5 a 1660.5 MHz (banda Inmarsat operacional) 1668.0 a 1675.0 MHz (banda Inmarsat extendida)

    Recepción: 1518.0 a 1525.0 MHz (banda Inmarsat extendida) 1525.0 a 1559.0 MHz (banda Inmarsat operacional)
    Recepción GPS: 1575.42 ± 10.25 MHz (GPS L1)

    0.275 kg. Max
    Temperatura de Operación:
    -25°C hasta +55°C

    Certificado por Inmarsat:
    Para cumplir los requerimientos de su sistema.

    Ganancia Mínima:
    1dB para0°<q°<70° entodaslasbandas Razón Axial:
    50 OHMS

    Circular Derecha (RHCP)
    Inmarsat RX/TX= SMA-F GPS = SMA-F

    Radomo gris resistente a UV Con base negra resistente a UV


  • IsatPhone Pro Mains Charger

    Cargador universal CA para la red

    (4 adaptadores internacionales)

  • IsatPhone Pro Car Charger

    Cargador para vehículo: 10 - 30 voltios

  • IsatPhone Pro Battery

    Lithium-ion, 3.7 voltios

    Tiempo de conversación hasta 8 horas

    Tiempo en espera hasta 100 horas

  • IsatPhone Pro Wired HandsFree Headset

    Auricular manos libres con cable

  • IsatPhone Pro Cable de Datos USB

    Cable de datos micro USB

    También se puede usar como cargador de IsatPhone Pro

  • IsatPhone Pro Wrist Strap (Correa de mano)

    Correa para muñeca

  • Estuche de Cuero para IsatPhone Pro

    Estuche de cuero para teléfono satelital IsatPhone Pro

  • Funda de Cuero para IsatPhone Pro

    Funda de cuero para teléfono satelital IsatPhone Pro

  •  IsatPhone Single Bay Battery Charger
    • Capable of conditioning and rapid charging Iridium batteries in the same unit, in a single process without ever draining the battery
    • Charge at current rates recommended by the battery manufacturer.
    • Be suitable to operate at the office (AC) as well as in the vehicle (DC)
    • Switch to a maintenance mode once the battery is fully charged. In the maintenance mode the battery is kept at peak condition for as long as it is left on the unit, without ever overcharging or overheating


    • Dimensions: 6" x 3.75" x 1.25"
    • Weight: 8 oz. ±5%
    • Operating Temperature: -20° C to +50° C
    • Storage Temperature: -10° C to +70° C
    • Input Plug: 2.5 mm center positive socket
    • Input Electrical (to charger): 12V DC ±20% 800 mAh ±10%
    • Charging System (battery alone): High current charge with regularly spaced negative pulses
    • Dual Power Source AC-DC: operate indistinctively from AC and/or DC
    • Transformer power: input 120V AC 60 HZ 15 Watts, output 12V DC 800 mAh

  • SatStation MiniBlu

    Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to connect compatible communication devices without using cables. A Bluetooth connection does not require the devices to be in line of sight, but both devices should be within 10 meters (30 feet) of each other. 

    The SatStation miniBLU is a great add on for the following devices:

    • IsatPhone Pro
    • All Isatphone Pro Docks
    • Beam Terra 800
    • Beam Oceana 800
    • Thuraya SG-2520
    • Terrestar Genus
      Cell Phones
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Android


    • 128x64 OLED Display
    • Caller’s telephone number and Caller ID display
    • Phonebook Synchronization
    • Support English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
    • Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction by Build in DSP Technology
    • Can directly make a call from the keypad
    • Can make a call from the phonebook contacts
    • Support the first letter searching contacts
    • Support phone call history
    • Support Call vibration
    • Support Call ring tone
    • Support pairing name and pair code amendment
    • Support keypad lock