The Beam RapidSAT is a rapidly deployable satellite telephone that provides a compact battery-backed, hands-free voice and data solution.

The flexibility of the RapidSAT enables the unit to be easily transported between various vehicles, boats, machinery or aircraft and simply connects to the vehicle’s DC power source for in-vehicle use. Alternatively, the battery back-up can be used for away-from-vehicle use.

RapidSAT is ideal for short-term use for applications where many people may need to access satellite communication for rapid deployment.

The kit is designed to support full hands-free voice calls, as well as private calls using the compact intelligent handset. Data services can also be accessed easily using the data port located on the front panel of the terminal.

The system has been purpose built, securely located within a “Storm” ruggedized case, and comes complete with DC charging lead, AC plug pack and a magnetic mount antenna with 5 meters of cable attached.

The unit can be powered by a constant 10 - 32 V input directly and the AC plug pack will charge the rechargeable battery pack.

  • Physical Specifications

      • Dimensions: 411 mm x 323 mm x 168 mm
      • Weight: 8.00 Kg

    Environment Specifications

    • Temperature Operating Range: -15 °C to +55 °C
    • Temperature Storage: -30 °C to +70 °C
    • Humidity: < 85% non condensing


    • EMC compliance C-Tick
    • Safety A-Tick
    • RST625 integrated case system
    • RST970 Intelligent DPL handset (with hang-up cup/cradle)
    • Iridium dome antenna (magnetic mount) with 5 m cable
    • DC power cable to cigarette lighter plug
    • AC/DC 45W power-pack (wall wort) for AC powering
    • AC/DC power-pack (wall wort) for battery charging
    • AC power cable IEC320 to Australian 3-pin
    • Socket wrench for SIM card panel access
    • RST625 User Manual
    • 1 lightweight 60 Whr Li-polymer battery bank (fitted to lid)
    • Extension cable kit for the Intelligent DPL handset (2 m)