Servicios Aeronáuticos Clásicos

Inmarsat offers a range of proven,reliable satellite communication services for the aviation sector varying in functionality, coverage,equipment, installation and useage costs

Aero H / H+ provide high quality voice and data communications at speeds up to 10.5kbps over a high-gain antenna while Aero I provides voice and 4.8kbps data over an intermediate-gain antenna.

All these services have ICAO approval to provide air traffic services (ATS) communications, which are now becoming standard on the world’s oceanic air routes. 

Consequently Inmarsat’s Classic aeronautical services are used by most of the world’s leading airlines; operators of small, medium and large business jets; general aviation and government agencies.

With the availability of Aero H+ and Aero I on both Inmarsat-3 (I-3) and Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellites, SwiftBroadband users are able to concurrently use SwiftBroadband and safety services.

  • Aero H provides packet data rates of up to 10.5kbps for ACARS, FANS and ATN communications and up to 9.6kbps per channel for multi-channel voice, fax and data communications, through a high-gain antenna – anywhere in the global beams of the I-3 satellites. Applications include passenger, operational, administrative and safety communications.

  • Aero H+ offers all the features of Aero H, but uses the I-3 regional spot beams and 4.8kbps voice codecs to deliver voice services at lower cost. Outside the regional spot beams, Aero H+ terminals operate in the global beams in the same way as standard Aero H systems. Aero H+ is also available in the full I-4 satellite footprint.

  • Aero I uses intermediate-gain antennas and supports I-3 global beam packet data and I-3 regional beam, multi-channel voice and 4.8kbps circuit-mode data services. Aero I packet data is also available in the full I-4 footprint.