Iridium GEOPRO


GeoPro ™ ofrece a los empleadores una forma mejor y más eficaz para gestionar la seguridad y la productividad de la fuerza de trabajo a distancia. Al equipar al personal de campo con GeoPro Messenger los provee de una robusta mensajería bidireccional, de un dispositivo seguro, con funciones de ubicación y recopilación de datos donde los empleadores pueden proteger a los empleados y mejorar la productividad.

Con el Uso de la aplicación web GeoPro, los empleadores activamente puede realizar un seguimiento y supervisar a los empleados, responder rápidamente a eventos como perder el check-ins o situaciones de emergencia, y mantener un registro de auditoría integral para mejorar la supervisión de la gestión y mitigación del riesgo.

  • GeoPro is a complete solution that includes the GeoPro Messenger device and the GeoPro Web Application.

    GeoPro Messenger Features:

    • Operates over the Iridium® satellite network
    • Intuitive on-device applications:
    • Two-way text messaging with other email, SMS and other GeoPro addresses 
    • Complete check-ins
    • Activate and confirm emergencies 
    • View GPS coordinates, or automatically send location and have it displayed in a web-based map 
    • Create, save or send geo-tagged data (waypoints) or field activity reports
    • High performance GPS and satellite antenna
    • Joystick for easy navigation of on-display menus and keyboard
    • Graphic display with contrast, backlighting, and status icons
    • LED’s indicators – power, message, and emergency
    • Field replaceable/rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • Mini-USB for charging batteries or syncing with the Device Manager web application
    • Water and dust resistant
    • Audible alert

    GeoPro Web Application Features:


    • Communicate with GeoPro Messenger users
    • Secure access to message history


    • Automatically requests confirmation of emergency alerts received
    • Dashboard for improved monitoring and incident management
    • Prompt notification of confirmed emergencies to designated individuals via email, SMS or the GeoPro application
    • Two-way messaging to obtain, or provide, in-event updates
    • Easy sharing of information with first responders
    • Comprehensive message and event audit trail to support incident investigations

    Location Tracking 

    • Real-time visibility of employee’s status and location displayed in one of several map interface options
    • Turn tracking on/off and define tracking intervals


    • Define and assign check-in schedules or solicit check-in on demand
    • Automate overdue check-in reminders for employees
    • View and identify overdue check-ins at a glance
    • Prompt notification of missed check-ins to designated individuals via email, SMS or the GeoPro application


    • Categorize waypoints (i.e. shelter, camp, first aid) and assign an icon
    • View published waypoints in one of several web based map options

    Point-and Click Configuration 

    • Quickly assign or re-assign devices to employees
    • Define roles and permissions including access to data and tasks
    • Set up notification and escalation rules for emergency incidents and missed check-ins
    • Define shared address books, predefined message books, and waypoints
    • Authorize individuals to declare an emergency on behalf of a GeoPro Messenger user
    • Define preferred coordinate system
    • Select preferred base map from several provided by ESRI® including Bing™ maps, World Topographical and Operational Navigation Charts (ONC)
    • Export data