Evolution TT8950


TT8950 Quad-band Mobile Platform Device

Easy connection with global quad-band voice

A 3-axis accelerometer, quad-band operation and powerful internal GPS & GSM antennas make the TT8950 an extraordinarily competitive option when looking for a powerful and affordable GPS tracking hardware solution.

    • Easy Installation
    • Internal GPS and Cellular Antennas.
    • Internal Battery, Digital I/O’s and Analog Input.
    • Global Quad Band Voice/GSM/SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP.
    • Motion Sensor / 3-Axis Accelerometer.
    • Embedded Tracking Intelligence.
    • FOTA Enabled for Remote Upgrades.
    • OTA
    • Housing: Rugged textured plastic, fire rated
    • Ignition Sense Input: Yes
    • I/O Connectors:
    • 16-pin Molex
    • 4 USB (2.0)
    • 1 digital input
    • 1 analog input
    • 1 selectable analog/digital input
    • 2 digital outputs
    • 1 latched output
    • GSM SMS: Text, PDU, MO/MT, Cell Broadcast
    • Over-the Air-Commands: 12 commands including max speed exceeded, event reporting, Geo-fencing and driver behavior reporting
    • Voice: FR, EFR, HR & AMR
    • GPS Protocols: NMEA, Binary
    • Buffered GPS Message Feature: Yes
    • Power: DC voltage 9-16V plu optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • SIM Access: Internal