RAM Mount SPOT 2 GPS Series Grip-Lock Suction Cup Mount Specifications

The RAP-B-166-2-SPO2 SPOT 2 GPS Satellite Personal Tracker Windshield Suction RAM Mount is a High Strength Plastic Composite Mount with a Locking Suction Cup Base and RAM Custom Plastic Cradle. The mount is designed with a RAM 1 inch diameter patented rubber ball and socket system, with Grip-Lock knob, that has adjustment point at the cradle and base. With a twist of the Grip-Lock arm knob, you can move the SPOT II GPS Series mount to your optimum viewing position.Mount Specifications

  • RAP-B-238 

    RAM-HOL-SPO2U - This RAM high strength composite cradle is designed to hold the following devices:

    • SPOT IS™ Satellite GPS Messenger
    • SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger


    • High Strength Composite


    The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. The cradle includes a set of two nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any of the RAM compatible mounts. RAM cradles do not include the RAM-B-238U (Diamond Base & Ball) or RAP-B-238U (Diamond Composite Base & Ball), required to attach to the cradle and RAM mounting system.


    SPOT II GPS Mount Cradle Plate: The RAP-B-238 RAM Mount High Strength Plastic Composite Diamond Plate is designed to connected to the back of the mount cradle. The diamond plate has a 1.0 inch diameter rubber ball connected at right angles to the plate, which connects directly to the 1 inch arm socket. The cradle includes the required hardware to connect the plate to the cradle. For a layout of the hole spacing and 1.0 inch rubber ball location, take a closer look with the RAM-B-238 Design Drawings (pdf file) (Note: the Plastic RAP-B-238 Plate is thicker than the RAM-B-238 Design Drawings shown).


    SPOT II GPS Mount Arm Design:The RAP-B-201-1 Twist Grip RAM Mount Dual Socket Arm is a 1 inch B size Ball Socket Arm made of High Strength Plastic. The arm is 2.0 inches long between socket centers. The side of the arm includes a round grooved tightening nut which allows you to open and close the socket ends.


    SPOT II GPS Mount Base Design:The RAP-B-224-2 RAM Mount High Strength Plastic Twist Lock Suction Cup Base is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface. With a twist of the outside cone edge, the suction cup base adheres to any glass¹ or non-porous plastic surface, as found on our Plastic Non Skid Base, Cup Holder Plate and Plastic Adhesive Disk. Built into the top of the suction cup is a 1 inch diameter rubber ball. This ball allows the suction cup to join to an open socket found on any of the RAM 1 inch diameter socket arms.