Space at the Satellite Farm for installation of satellite dishes up 9.3 Mts and communications equipment

Custom Cage

Cage, enclosed area within the Datacenter for the exclusive use of each client. We can recommend the cage, suites and server cabinet, suitable solutions to meet their needs for physical security and energy consumption


42RU rack space with electric power of  1.5KW, 3.0 KW, 4.0 KW, or more  according to specific requirements

Tesam Remote Hands

We’ll be there when you can’t! Manage your business infrastructure and maximize operational uptime within an TESAM Datacenter by utilizing the Remote  Hands  service.

TESAM technicians are trained to be the eyes and hands for management of your infrastructure

Remote  Hands tasks: 

  • On-site technical assistance 
  • Equipment installations 
  • Interface card removal and installation 
  • Test carrier circuits 
  • Power cycling a router, server, switch, and soft-booting a server 
  • Move equipment within your space and cabinets 
  • Verify cable integrity on installed media 
  • Providing visual verifications 
  • Install, replace or remove equipment, such as a router, switch card, disk drive, memory, etc. 
  • Add, remove or verify a demarcation 
  • Extend patch cables from the patch panel to equipment 


TESAM provide customers with non-cage space within, or in close proximity to the Datacenter. Designed to support mission-critical, 24-hour operation centers and/or to be used as storage areas for equipment or replacement parts