Power Film Rollable Solar R-21


The PowerFilm Rollable solar charger can go anywhere, do anything and stand up to the toughest punishment, while being the lightest, most flexible, waterproof solar panel on the planet.

The 21W rollable is the perfect portable solar solution for waterlogged environments when you need to keep medium electronics powered-up or you want to supply a trickle charge to the battery of a boat without worrying about the water. Unlike other thin-film solar technologies, PowerFilm solar chargers do not need to be "sun soaked" after storage to produce peak power; you have critical power to moment you need it.

  • Modelo Voltaje de Operación Corriente de Operación Peso Dimesiones Enrrolladas Dimensiones Desenrrolladas
    Power Film R21 15.4 1.35

    1.8 lbs

    0.64 Kg.

    4 x 4 x 14.5"

    101 x 101 x 368 mm

    14.5 x 61"

    368 x 2025 mm