Power Film Foldable Solar 3600 Module


The F15-3600 Foldable Solar Charger is the next step up in portable power and charging needs, producing more power and opening up additional applications. Utilization of the included 12 V Female Barrel accessory makes using the F15-3600 Foldable Solar Charger extremely easy and convenient. Essentially replacing a vehicle's battery for powering small- to medium-sized devices such as a laptop or electric inverter, the F15-3600 is a perfect addition to outdoor supplies.

  • Modelo Voltaje de Operación Corriente de Operación Peso Dimesiones Plegado Dimensiones Despledado
    Power Film F15-3600 15.4 3.6

    3.9 lbs

    1.45 Kg.

    11 x 9.5 x 2"

    279 x 241 x 51 mm

    59 x 43"

    1499 x 1092 mm